San Manuel Band Of Serrano Mission Indians Make Pediatric MRI Easier To Obtain

sm_logo_topRIVERSIDE COUNTY REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER (RCRMC) FOUNDATION – Any grownup who's had an MRI study knows how difficult it is to remain motionless for an hour or more inside the large and clanging, tunnel-shaped body scanner. For very young or developmentally delayed pediatric patients the task of lying still that long is virtually impossible without sedation.

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians has teamed with the RCRMC Foundation to provide the nonprofit trauma center with an MRI-compatible anesthesia machine. The $160,000 device allows doctors to administer anesthesia to pediatric patients and more readily obtain MRI images onsite, rather than sending the patients to other hospitals to complete the study. San Manuel contributed $20,000 to assist with the equipment purchase by the Foundation, which used funding from its popular Festival of Trees annual fundraiser.

"The MRI is a critical tool in medicine today," said Dr. Aleca Clark, chair of the RCRMC Department of Pediatrics. Unlike conventional x-ray, which relies on radiation, the MRI machine uses powerful magnets to produce detailed images of almost any part of the body. Clark said the anesthesia device enables doctors to provide safe sedation and monitoring of pediatric patients while they complete their MRI examinations.

"This is an extremely valuable tool which assists us in providing superb care to the pediatric patients in Riverside County," Clark added. "We are grateful to San Manuel for this gift."

"A young person facing medical treatment endures great discomfort, anxiety and uncertainty," said San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Chairperson Carla Rodriguez. "As a community of concerned families, San Manuel hopes that this new device will help ease the stresses of treatment enabling the best possible outcomes for young patients."
Jeri Vaughan, executive director of the RCRMC Foundation said partnerships with organizations such as San Manuel make it possible for the Foundation and the county healthcare system to meet more needs and make greater contributions to the health of the community.

"This equipment is vital to the medical center and especially to our Pediatrics Department," Vaughan said. "It makes life a little bit easier for our young patients and their families. That's a real bonus."

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